Rishabh Khandelwal

To All the teachers at LULLA CLASSES,

Thank you for always being there for me. Thank you for making me believe that I could achieve the impossible. Thank you for always solving my doubts. Thank you for the cherished memories of the past two years.

My experience at LULLA CLASSES was an amazing one. I will try to remember each and every incident that happened here. The classes, the teachers and their teaching method will never be forgotten. Each and every class here were amazing and refreshing. I made sure that I never missed any class. We not only studied but also enjoyed. The way DEV SIR taught us maths, nobody else could ever do it the same way. He made maths my favorite subject. We all friends studied together with immense joy. We also enjoyed the field trips.

Lulla classes, apart from helping me in studies, also helped me develop a nice moral character. I felt like I was at my home. I can call every ma’am -MAA and every sir had always been like a father figure. Each and every teacher at LULLA CLASSES is expert in their subject. At last I would again like to thank everyone for everything.

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