Anujit Nair

I would be glad to share my experience, as the 3 years that I spent in lulla classes was amazing. When you are asked by the teachers you have utmost respect and love , about your experience you are left speechless.
But i have many things to say!!!
For me Lulla classes was not a coaching institution or tution class, but it was a family for me. And my three year old experience is enough to say that !!!
This faculty has played the most important role in my life by helping me to score great marks and because of them only, my parents are proud of me.
Here in lulla classes, we were not only taught to solve problems of textbook but also the problems of our lives!!!
Knowledge is not only in the books but also outside the books and i learned it from Lulla classes.
Lulla classes apart from helping me in studies, also helped me to become a good person..
The teachers of Lulla classes are experts in their subjects and i am proud to be their student.
Thus, i want to thank Dev sir, Sapna Mam and all teachers of the faculty and i want to owe you my gratitude and success.

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