Ananyaa Maheshwari

When you get asked by the teachers of the faculty you have the utmost respect and love for, to write about your experience with them, you’re left speechless. Ironically, I have a lot to say. Lulla Classes is not your stereotypical coaching or tuition class in the least. It’s much more than words can define. My mere two-year-old experience is enough for me to reveal the fact that I’ve never felt so affectionately about my class and teachers.

I’d be lying if I said that it was only my effort that got me a satisfactory score on the boards. Everyone here at Lulla was always there for me. Even when I was late to class, even when I missed sessions and even when I didn’t show up to give important tests. Your teachers don’t do this for you, your well-wishers do. And it’s not only just about academics. This faculty has genuinely played a paramount role in making me the person I and my parents are proud of today. This is why I wouldn’t call Lulla a mere tuition center. I’ve had a ball in these past two years. Whether it was the laughs we shared in class or the anticipation of getting low marks in tests, I do not know what made my experience here at Lulla perfect. I owe all of my gratitude and success to you. I couldn’t have asked for a better faculty to assist me.

Thank you,
With lots of love and regards for the future,
Ananyaa Maheshwari.

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